How We Work Together

  • We are a family, so we operate on the basis of relationships, not rules
  • We are a fellowship, so we focus on what unifies us
  • We are a body, not a business, so we serve each other
  • We are a flock, so we are cared for and led by shepherds, called pastors

Our Vision

By God’s grace, we want to see everything we teach to be Gospel-centered. We aim to make the Gospel the foundation for everything we do. It is our vision that the Gospel will free us from trying to win God’s approval based on our own efforts.  As we love God’s good news of grace and His continuous pursuit of a loving relationship with every person on earth, we want to be living snapshots of grace.


We want to see Connect4LIFE be a multi-ethnic community. Christ died for all nations, cultures, and people – so that we will be a redeemed people worshiping our King. Our vision is for every gathering, worship service, or small group to be a dress rehearsal for heaven. We see Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Caucasians in our congregation and we long to include people from every walk of life.

We want to see God use us to be reproducers. We want to reproduce Christ, Christ-followers, and churches to make a Gospel impact on a global scale.

Our Values


We do life better together

  • We keep it real and fight against fake
  • We live and lead with authenticity
  • We are broken people discovering healing together 
  • We embrace messy ministry
  • Everybody belongs

Growing people change

  • Jesus first! 
  • We trust His Word, follow His lead, and honor Him above all
  • We start small and think big, and go all in with risk-taking faith
  • We are driven by purpose, not by programs, personalities, buildings, or budgets
  • We discover our gifts and grow from consumers into contributors.

Family is the model for discipleship and reproduction

  • We support the family as God's intended plan for discipleship
  • We resource the family with discipleship tools
  • We encourage families to worship, serve, and minister together

We can impact the Kingdom with our resources

  • We grow larger and smaller at the same time: we gather together and scatter together
  • We plant churches, partner with community, and go to the ends of the earth
  • We get creative to reach more people